Essay Comparing Contrasting Photosynthesis Respiration

                              Similarities ...

→ Both involve in production of energy

→ Both involve the exchange of gases

→ Both the process takes place in cell organelle which was considered as endosymbiotic organism. They are chloroplast and Mitochondria, Photosynthesis takes place in Chloroplast where as respiration takes place in mitochondria.

→ At critical condition both have alternate pathway.


→Photosynthesis takes place in chloroplast, where as respiration takes place in mitochondria.

→Photosynthesis involve production of carbohydrate and respiration involve breaking of carbohydrate.

→ Photosynthesis occur only during presence of sunlight where as respiration occurs all the time.

→ In photosynthesis process Oxygen is released where as in respiration Oxygen is utilised.

These are the main differences between Photosynthesis and respiration. 

This video may give you some more useful information:

...constant * 2nd Law of Thermodynamics- energy transfer results in increase entropy (less organization!!) * Adenosine is bonded to 3 phosphates 2. When cell needs energy… it splits off that 3rd P 3. Energy is released, ADP + P is formed, cell uses that energy for whatever it needs 4. Destination of the broken Phosphate??- Used as part of an endergonic reaction in another cell? * Exergonic- catabolism 1. CellularRespiration, Digestion * Endergonic- anabolism 2. Protein Synthesis (Polymerization), making cell parts CellularRespiration * Aerobic Respiration 1. Glycolysis 2. Formation of acetyl CoA 3. Krebs Cycle 4. Oxidative Phosphorylation Glycolysis * Glucose goes into the cycle… * 6 Carbon to 2, 3 Carbon molecules, called Pyruvic acid * Occurs in cytoplasm (cytosol) * Net ATP of 2 (because you used 2 in the beginning), 2 pyruvic acids, 2 NADH * GLYCOLYSIS CAN BE DONE WITH OR WITHOUT OXYGEN * At this point, the cell can either continue anaerobically or switch to TRUE aerobic respiration Formation of Acetyl CoA * When oxygen is present, pyruvic acid enters the mitochondrion 1. Each pyruvic acid (2) converted to Acetyl CoA (2) 2. Co2 (2) is released 3. 2 NADH made (still in cytoplasm) Krebs Cycle * aka CITRIC ACID CYCLE, takes place in Mitochondrial Matrix * Acetyl CoA enters the...


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