Essay About An Exciting Event

The most exciting event of my life

Judith Isbell
English Composition I
En120   6_06
Jan. 10, 2014

  The long difficult journey I had to take in order to experience the most exciting event of my life.   My journey began on April 16, 1988. I was sixteen years old and convinced that I just married the man I would spend the rest of my life with.   It was also the day I started planning to become a mother.   I know what you’re thinking, “Is she crazy to get married and want a baby at sixteen!”   Now that I look back at it, I was a little crazy, but it was all I wanted.   I had a few friends who had already had babies and I wanted to be a part of that group. I just assumed that as soon as I got married the baby would come along shortly after that, but boy was I wrong. I found out that it wasn’t as easy for me to have a baby as it was my friends. Month after month I prayed for a baby, and cried when I didn’t get it.   After six months of trying I finally went to the doctor who told me I had to try for a full year before I would be classified as having fertility problems. He did go ahead and do a sperm count on my husband to see where we stood there, and his test came back normal. We now knew that I was the defective one, and I had to wait six more months before I could start trying to find my defect.   I patiently waited as the next six months passed so I could find my problem. After I hit the six month mark there I was sitting in my doctor’s office waiting to see why I couldn’t get pregnant.   My doctor gave me the run down on the infertility treatment process, and that it could end up being a very long road, but we would start with a physical and lab work up.   At the end of the visit, he called me into his office and told me that I was not eligible for the treatment because I was already pregnant. All the heartache I had suffered the past year was immediately gone. The difficult part of my journey was finally over, and I was now on the road to...

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(1) Describe an enjoyable event that you experienced when you were at school.
When it happened/What was good about it /Why you particularly remember this event
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The enjoyable event I would like to talk here is the spring outing activity that happened on my middle school stage. At that time, my classmates and me were most about twelve or thirteen years old, not more than fourteen. We had our spring outing on one sunny saturday. Accompanyed by laughters and singings, we marched towards our destination on bikes.

The destination was located on a foot of a mountain, where there were a lot of tall trees and a river pass by. We caught several fishes from the river, and picked up some branches from the small grove. Besides that, we also constructed oursleves cooking stove.

There were so many joyful things happening, that I can not tell you all of them. One thing I remember deeply is the simple noodle cooking. Several classmates with me took charge of cooking noodle; unfortunately, we are all not good cooks at that age, we even do not know the correct order to cook a bowl of noodle. So we put all the vegetables and noodles as well as some beefs into the water together before it boiled. After that we also try to stir it just like our parents did at home.

When all our work finished, our classmates began to enjoy our food. Can you imagine the scene, green noodles,over-fried fishes, luckily, the taste were not bad, even we could say fairly tasty. Apart from that, we still had some sweet potatoes being well cooked. All of the food were eaten out quickly, including our green noodles.

Even nowadays when I cook noodles it will remind me of this spring outing, I think the reason why I remember it deeply is probably it is the first time I cooked food, while it received an unexpected welcome. Moreover, personally, I believe the green noodles are quite attractive visually.

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(2) Did you enjoy your time at school, Would you recommend your school to others
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I enjoy my time at school greatly, there are my best friends, my lovely teachers, and interesting knowlege. Each holiday I can not help expecting the coming of the new semester.

I would be willing to introudce it to others, as it indeed is a good place for studing and living. In fact, it is so famous and popular in our local area that almost everyone knows it and eagers to be admitted by it without any others' recommendation. Nowadays, the competition to enter it is more ane more intense.

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(3) How do you consider about:
Single sex vs co-educational schools
School uniforms
the teacher as authority or friend
the role of the teacher in the language classroom
education vs training

If let me to choose, I tend to choose the coeducational schools. As I think it is the natural process of our physical and mental development . What I mean is we will enter into the society ultimately,thereby, learning how to cooperate and compete with the other sex is an vital skill for living.

I do not against students to wear school uniform , however, I also do not support student to wear them every day. Everyday ,when I see a student wearing a suit of school uniform, I am thinking do they need to change clothes everday, or do they have at least five suits of school uniform which are absolutely the same model. How awful it will be to see five same clothes in their wardrobe. Not to mention you have to wear them everyday. Or should they wash them everday? what a trouble will it be!

I think the teacher should be both an authority and a friend. As you know, there are always some naughty students, which can be managed if the teachers take them as friends. Sometimes they just need some authority to give them a lesson. For them, I think it is the reason why teacher should be as an authority appearing. While, for other students, especially the introverted students it will be more effctive if the teacher take them to be a friends.

Ibelieve the role of teacher in language class play a very important role. As they usually are the first teachers in their students' language studying stage. Their encouragement at that moment are crucial for the students. As their role not only to be a teacher, more is a guider, they need to help students to slove any problem they encounter in studying. Therefore, they should be patient, and full of love.

education and training??
education is a long period. while training is a short activity....(I do not know how to anser this question)

Erm...Is the entire thing supposed to be an essay? The first question seems to be one, but after just seems like a series of short answers.

Anyways, when you're starting an essay, it is important to have an introduction for sure... but it usually shouldn't be "this is what i'm going to talk about in my essay". it's a fairly weak start, and although it does do the job of detailing what you're writing about, it really doesn't add to interest in your essay.

You also have quite a bit of grammar problems here and there. A bit of proof reading can go a long way. To point out some:

We had our spring outing on one sunny saturday. Accompanyed by laughters and singings, we marched towards our destination on bikes.

Besides that, we also constructed oursleves cooking stove. (try something like, we also constructed a cooking stove)

That's not it, but it's a start. By the way, English your first language?

Well, okay then.

I was just curious about the english thing, from your writing it seems fairly apparent...but i'd say that I'm fairly impressed by your writing if english is your second language : )

Also, with the whole "accompanyed by laughters and singings..." should actually be "accompanied by laughter and singing".

The conjugation of "accompany" was wrong, and you can't make laughter and singing plural by adding an 's' to them. In this case, keeping it laughter and singing is fine. Now that I've taken a second look, keep in mind that you can't MARCH somewhere on BIKES, you can only RIDE them.

And with the constructing a stove, I'm not saying that the idea behind is incorrect. I mean, I understand what you're trying to get at, but the way you are trying to present it is confusing. Also, you are being redundant by using "besides that" and then "also" in the same sentence. You only need to use one of those phrases/words once in a sentence to indicate that you mean something in addition to _____. You also can't use "ourselves" in that manner (not to mention the spelling mistake but thats not so important). You can leave it out and still achieve what you're trying to say : )

There are some other stuff, but try proof reading it! You might be surprised at what you can find.


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