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Prosperity is not just a financial notion — inclusive prosperity encompasses the opportunity for lives in dignity, with purpose and roles to contribute to common endeavors in the communities one is part of. It is definitely more than material well-being. A holistic view of prosperity includes all — the material and economic aspects as well the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual side.

The biggest natural resource on the planet is human potential — human energy, engagement and creativity. Only a fraction of this potential is brought to bear today. However, if better leveraged, this latent potential would be the key driver for economic and human growth.


What holds people back in today's organizations and institutions to realize their potential? What are the obstacles that you see in your environment?

What is the role of management to free up human potential? Give examples of management actions that have made a difference in your life.

Can digital technology (in particular automation and Al) spawn prosperity as opposed to eliminate jobs? Give concrete examples

What is your perspective on how technology can enable people to co-create solutions that are good for their communities, the economy and the world?

2017 Essay Contest Results Online – The Winner is ...

The 2017 Peter Drucker Challenge Essay Contest with the topic "Human Prosperity in a Changing World" has been a record-breaking year in terms of participation:
422 submissions from 79 countries!

Our Jury (Liz Edersheim, Deepa Prahalad and Peter Day) has selected the winners in the Students category
#1: Anne Twombly, USA, "Antiquated Innovation: a Grandmother‘s Path to Inclusive Prosperity"
#2: Oluwadamilare Odu-Onikosi, Nigeria, "Shifting Gears: Managing for the Greater Good – Lessons from Peter Drucker"
#3: Besmira Selimi, Serbia, "A consideration on the use of technology and management and their ramifications on personal and corporate life."

and in the Managers/Entrepreneurs category
#1: Ali Rushdan Tariq, Canada, "The Compassionate Enterprise"
#2: Chris Maclay, Kenya/UK, "What does LinkedIn look like for the LinkedOut? Tech-enabled job matching for blue collar work in Africa"
#3: Amina Mendez Acosta, Philippines, "The Business of Overcoming Poverty"

For a complete overview on the Top 15 authors and their essays please click here.

The prizes will be handed over at the Global Peter Drucker Forum’s Gala dinner, taking place on November 16 in Vienna, at Schloß Schönbrunn Orangerie. We invite you to book your conference pass to the Drucker Forum 2017 and register now.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna and celebrating with us the Drucker Challenge winners!
The Drucker Forum Team
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