Homework Year 1100

1.Student: Adam SmithDate: 12/13/16Instructor: Isaac RaymondCourse: MAT-240-Q1653-16EW1Assignment: 1-3 MyStatLab: Module One Problem Set1: Planned Electronic Device ReplacementThe following data represent the percent of owners of an electronic device that plan to purchase a replacement device within the next 12 months based on a survey of 1100 adults in a certain country. Complete parts (a)(c).through Click the icon to view the bar chart of the data.1(a)What percent of game console owners plan to buy a replacement device within the next 12 months?%10.5(b)If there are 250 million individuals who own a cell phone, how many expect to replace their phone within the next 12 months?37000000(c)%If the results of the survey were claimed to indicate that of adults in this country who own digital cameras plan to replace their camera in the next 12 months, would you say this statement is descriptive or inferential? Why?7.7A.The statement is descriptive, because the survey sampled enough adults in the country to be certain that its results apply to the population.B.The statement is descriptive, because the claim is stating what has been determined by the survey.C.The statement is inferential, because the survey results are unlikely to be similar to the results for the country's population.D.The statement is inferential, because the survey reports on a sample of the country'spopulation. This claim requires an inference to the population.05 10 15 20 25DVD PlayerTVGame ConsoleDigital CameraCell PhonePCPercent6.5%12.2%10.5%7.7%14.8%18.7%Owners Planning to Replace Electronic Device

Unit VIII HomeworkPlant TranspirationIntroductionIf you have not already, you or someone you know will try to grow a variety of plants either inside your house or outside in a garden. What type of soil do you need? How often should you water the plants? Should you plant them in full sun? Why do some plants need less water and some more? These are questions that many people have about plants. In this activity, you will have a chance to manipulate different variables to see how much water some plants use and how much some lose through transpiration.Objectives1.Conduct virtual experiments to determine factors that affect transpiration.2.Compare and contrast sustainable and unsustainable farming practices.MaterialsComputer with internet accessDirections1.Go to: http://glencoe.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0078695104/383946/BL_10.html2.Read the PURPOSE and OBJECTIVES.3.Read and follow the information under PROCEDURES, and complete the lab for all 4 plants and all 3 variables.4.Reset the lab and complete the lab for the next set of 4 plants and 3 variables.5.Record your information in the Results Table provided on this sheet.6.During and after the lab, answer the questions below.7.Type all answers directly on the data sheet.8.Select Save As, and use your last name and student ID as a file name. 9.Upload the data sheet as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file when finished.Questions 1 – 10 are short answer questions and should be answered in two to three words orone to twocomplete sentences. Total: 40 points1.What are the three different variables that you tested? (4 points)The three diferent environmental variables tested were heat, light, and wind.


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