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Zürich University Dissertations

Official repository and archive

The Zentralbibliothek Zürich was given the commission to collect and archive the following dissertations submitted to the University of Zürich:

• PhD theses and habilitations: all faculties
• Theses: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
• Master's dissertation: Faculties of Arts and Divinity

Furthermore, the international exchange programme for PhD theses and habilitations is organised by the Zentralbibliothek in its function as university library.

Locating and borrowing

All Zürich university dissertations held by the Zentralbibliothek can be found in the library catalogue. A specific search can be made in the Catalogue of University Dissertations, which lists all national and international dissertations held by the Zentralbibliothek. Searches can be refined using the following limiters:  Zürich university dissertations, E-PhD theses (internet publications), date as well as name of supervisor.
The usual lending conditions apply to taking Zürich PhD theses and habilitations out on loan. Electronic PhD theses can be borrowed in print form and are freely available in full text as a PDF version.
Theses and master's dissertations may only be consulted in the reading room of the ZB. Furthermore, theses and master's dissertations deposited in the last five years can only be consulted with the author’s written consent. Please use this form as required.

Information for students, doctoral and habilitation candidates at the University of Zürich

Following approval of the PhD theses or habilitation, the required deposit copies should be delivered to the Zentralbibliothek (the number of copies is stipulated by the relevant university department). The PhD theses can be found in the library catalogue only if the Zentralbibliothek get right of way from the university (ca 3 months after submission).

On the other hand, theses and master's dissertatios cannot be accepted by the Zentralbibliothek. These should be handed to the dean’s office of the relevant faculty.


PhD Theses, Electronic PhD Theses and Habilitations UZH

Instructions from the Zentralbibliothek Zürich for the required deposit copies of PhD Theses, E-PhD Theses and Habilitations

PhD Theses

Deposition in the Zentralbibliothek Zürich of mandatory copies of PhD theses, which are not for commercial publication

- where possible printing should be double-sided on A4 or A5 format

- pressboard cover  (1 mm pressboards installed on front and back covers)
- hardback
- full-textile cover

The front cover should bear the title page in a scaled down form.
Logos may only be used with the consent of the organization concerned (

The following bindings are not permissible:
- Xerox hardcopy (clamp binding)
- spiral binding
- crisscross binding
- thin covers

Electronic PhD Theses

Electronic PhD theses (E-PhD theses)
In accordance with the faculty department rules of the University of Zurich regarding graduation, doctoral candidates at the University of Zurich have the possibility of submitting their PhD thesis in electronic format (E-PhD thesis):

Candidates are expected to prepare the E-PhD thesis independently. Assistance is provided by the institutes and faculty departments, as well as the IT services of the University of Zurich. Candidates are responsible for copyright clearance in connection with the publication of their PhD thesis and are obliged to sign a declaration of consent. The Zentralbibliothek Zürich does not put interactive or multimedia PhD theses online.

The submission of an E-PhD thesis requires one DVD-ROM with the necessary data files along with three printed deposit copies
– The print copies shall contain the entire text including any illustrations
– Textformat: Portable Document Format (PDF)
– Page size A4 format (210 x 297 mm)
– Links to external documents are to be formatted as highlighted URLs that are discernable as such in the  print version
– Choose a reasonable resolution for all graphics within the text. 300 dpi is enough
– Reduce coloured graphics to 256 colours in order to minimize file size
– Unlimited access to all files must be assured

Submitting monographic PhD theses
– 1 PDF-document (diss.pdf) containing the complete text of the PhD thesis
– 1 PDF-document (abstracts.pdf) containing the German and English abstracts

Submitting cumulative PhD theses (collected PhD theses)
– 1 PDF-document (diss.pdf) containing all parts of the PhD thesis
– 1 PDF-document (abstracts.pdf) containing the German and English abstracts

Articles published elsewhere can be blocked for one year. In such case, the articles to be blocked must be taken out of the diss.pdf and saved as separate PDF-documents (article1.pdf, article2.pdf etc.) The print copies must contain the blocked article/s.

Attention: blocked articles have to be recorded in the bibliography of the diss.pdf!

Candidates of the faculty of arts are kindly asked to refer to the further conditions of the faculty on:


For further instructions candidates are kindly asked to refer to the prevailing faculty instructions of the University of Zurich. The submission of an habilitation requires four printed deposit copies. Instructions for printing and binding analogous Deposition in the Zentralbibliothek Zürich of mandatory copies of PhD theses, which are not for commercial publication.

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