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Students throughout the Academy should now be using "Show My Homework" every evening (there is a link permanently at the top of our home page).

Every student has been given a letter with a PIN number for their own access and a PIN number for their parents to login to the site. The student's PIN enables them to see a personalised list of homework they have been set which is presented by subject and with the date due for submission. Students can have personal reminders when homework is due. Parents are able to use their PIN to see what homework has been set for one or more children in their family.

All teachers are uploading homework tasks to Show My Homework (SMHW). The significant benefit of this online medium is that teachers are able to attach worksheets and resources for students and can include links to websites where applicable.

Whlst every student has a PIN which is valuable in allowing them to see a personalised list of homework tasks, no code is required for anyone who wishes to browse homework set throughout the Academy for all students by all teachers. A filter system allows student and parent to locate homework set for individual classes in specific subjects if PIN access is temporarily lost.

There is an APP available for Android and Apple so that SMHW can be accessed "on the move".

Homework Timetable

Each student receives homework daily according to their individual timetables and the tutor group they are in (T1-T7). In Year 7 the total time spent on homework each night per student will take around an hour, moving to an hour and a half in year 8, two hours in Year 9 and with homework in Years 10 and 11 being determined by examination and coursework requirements amounting to up to three hours per night.

The Academy has signed up to this online service which allows staff, students and parents to track and monitor homework issued in each subject area.

From September 2015 all teachers will record the homework given to every student on the site, the submission date and results.  You will be able read through the homework tasks, provide help and support and make sure that your son/daughter completes the homework tasks they are given. You will also be able to check the quality and quantity of homework given by your son/daughter’s teachers. 
To access your son/daughter’s homework calendar for the first time, please follow the following steps:

  • Go to show my homework link on our website and click “Login” in the top right hand corner.
  • For students please enter the PIN you have been given into the PIN section. (Please contact your son/daughter’s Head of Year if you need these details again).
  • You will then need to set a password. Set it to something you’ll remember and keep it a secret!
  • For parent/carers please enter the PIN you have been given into the PIN section. (Please contact your son/daughter’s Head of Year if you need these details again) 

You will need to enter your email address/confirm the email address we hold is correct, you will also need to set a password.

We'll be launching Show My Homework through assemblies and form periods to students. We hope that this service will provide parents/carers with a deeper insight into the homework your son/daughter receives. More importantly, we hope that it will improve your son/daughter’s organisation, time-management, and help them to keep on top of their workload.


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