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Exploring Catcher in the Rye -- This is a wonderful site that includes an index of references in the book, a photo tour, and art gallery and more. Unfortunately, it is on a limited-access site and gets so many hits that you sometimes can't view the site because it has exceeded its data transfer limit. View when you can. [Go here for the index when this site is down.]

New York Times Featured Author -- This page collects reviews of the novel over the years, with links too related articles from the newspaper. You have to register to login, but registration is free.

Fan Site -- This fan site has some interesting links and a unique impression of the book.

The Economist Obituary
London Guardian Obituary -- fact-filled.
New York Times Obituary -- extensive links
New Yorker Obituary
Washington Post Obituary
Time Obituary

“What Salinger Means to Me” -- National Public Radio obituary, also links to related NPR stories.

New York Times July 15, 1951 -- Original Release

“With Love and 20-20 Vision”-- Original Release, Time Magazine, 1951.

“Holden Today - Still in the Rye” by Stefen Kanfer -- Time Essay as an update on Holden’s post-novel life.

“Holden, 50, Still Catches” by Fred Bratman -- New York Times retrospective and analysis of novel’s impact.

“Get a Life, Holden Caulfield” by Jennifer Schuessler -- Ostensibly about the restraining order on a Catcher parody, this article focuses on whether or not the book is relevant to modern readers.

“Aw, the World’s a Crumby Place” by James Stern -- parody review of the novel.

“The Dimwitted Legacy of Holden Caulfield” by George Will -- Chicago Sun-Times retrospective analysis of novel’s impact by George Will, in imitation of Holden’s Style.

“Of Teen Angst and an Author’s Alienation” by Michiko Kakutani -- An appraisal and retrospective of the novel’s influence.

For grades 6-12, written in consultation with Bank Street College of Education. These lesson plans can easily be adapted to supplement the reading and teaching of "The Catcher in the Rye."
  • Search Me (Not)
    Developing Profiles of Literary and Historical Figures by Imagining Their Web Searches
  • I Am Seventeen Going On …
    Creating Podcasts to Examine Adolescence Through the Ages
  • Quiet on the Set!
    Exploring Character and Conflict Development by Creating Short Films
  • Me, Myself and I
    Exploring Expressions of Adolescent Identity
  • Characters' Coming of Age
    Updating Children's Literary Favorites Through Character Development and Creative Writing
  • Class Matters
    Series of Times articles, and related lesson plans, on issues of social class in the United States.
  • New York at 100
    Timelines, photos, articles and more on the history of New York City, decade by decade, including Holden's era.

  • The 1950's
  • Curtain Up: Broadway
  • Great Books and Authors
  • Back to School

  • More lesson plans for teaching literature, language arts and writing.
  • Our searchable archive of more than 2,000 lesson plans.
  • Additional selected teaching materials: other Literature, Poetry and Language and Usage.
  • Dozens of additional teaching materials and resources on a wide range of topics.

  • J.D. Salinger
  • Books and Literature
  • Children and Youth
  • Private and Sectarian Schools
  • Mental Health and Disorders

  • Aw, the World's a Crumby Place
    Original Times book review of "Catcher."
  • Books of the Times: A Catcher in the Rye and the PDF version
    Original Books of the Times article.
  • Holden, 50, Still Catches
    Article reflecting on Holden's would-be 50th birthday.
  • Holden Reconsidered and All
    Article on the 50th anniversary of "Catcher"'s publication.

  • Literary Map of Manhattan
    Interactive map.
  • Get a Life, Holden Caulfield
    Article that explores the attitudes of high school students in 2009 toward Holden Caulfield.
  • Still Paging Mr. Salinger
    Article on the elusive author as he turns 90.
  • Understanding the Temporary Insanity of Adolescence
    Article on teen psychology.
  • College's High Cost, Before You Even Apply
    Article on teen anxiety.
  • Bipolar Illness Soars as a Diagnosis For the Young
    Article on teen mental health.
  • Teen Angst? Nah!
    Article by a high school junior.
  • Feel Like a Fraud? Maybe You Should
    Article on the experience of feeling like a "phony."
  • Ideas & Trends: Lousy Childhoods Ain't What They Used to Be
    Discussion of the film "Igby Goes Down," a quasi-update of "The Catcher in the Rye."

  • Reading quiz
  • Robert Burns's poem "Coming Thro' the Rye"
  • Vocabulary list
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