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Choosing an appropriate and intriguing dissertation topic can be a challenge for undergraduate and graduate students. Many students are unable to decide which area of research can help them to attract the attention of readers. A good dissertation topic provides an insight into the objectives of research. It is recommended that students should identify their research interests and develop ability to perform research on a particular topic. When selecting dissertation topic, it is important to make sure that your chosen topic is not too narrowed or too general. Generally, the supervisors evaluate students based on their ability to embed current issues from their field of study. This article aims to help students to develop the most appropriate dissertation topic on hospitality, tourism and travel. Some really interesting tourism and hospitality dissertation topics are suggested below:

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Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics for 2018

How economic conditions of a country impacts its local tourism: Identifying the economic factors influencing tourism sector

Purpose: Through this research, economic factors which tend to impact the local tourism of a country are going to be highlighted and critically analyzed. Moreover this research is also going to weigh the economic upsides and downsides of these factors with respect to the local tourism.

Assessing the impact of social media platforms on tourism destination selection

Purpose: Social media has been playing a much broader role in different sectors for the past decade. This research is going to analyze the role which is played by different social media platforms in terms of selection of tourism destinations. This research is also going to shed light on the rationale and factors because of which people rely on social media to select their tourism destination.

Assessing the impact of government rules, regulations and policies on tourism development: case study of developing countries.

Purpose: The tourism sector of any country is greatly looked after by governmental and regulatory bodies. This research is going to analyze the role which is played by such bodies in terms of policy making and regulation implementation. This research has taken into context the developing countries because their tourism sector works differently from developed countries.  

Analyzing the impact of natural hazards on tourism industry of UK: Recommending effective measures to minimize risk

Purpose: Increase in tourism tends to expose the host country towards natural hazards. There is a negative impact of such hazards on the tourism industry. UK is one of the countries with a successful tourism industry, this research is carried out in order to analyze the impact of such hazards on the efficiency of Tourism industry.

Assessing the factors and preferences which lead the tourist to travel to a dark tourism site

Purpose: With the increase in time, and shift in preferences of people with respect to tourism, dark tourism has been gaining immense popularity and success. This research is going to look into the factors which lead the tourists to select such places for their tourism destination.

Educational Tourism Dissertation Topics

This area of tourism has gained tremendous popularity among academicians and researchers in the recent times. It primarily takes into consideration technical competencies and new knowledge gained outside the classroom environment. Educational tourism brings to the light the idea of travelling to learn about the cultures of other nations. Exchange student programmes are perhaps the most commonly employed educational tourism strategy, allowing students to learn about the culture of the visited nation through work and travel. Possible area of research under this field of tourism can be any of the following:

  • Educational tourism programmes and the impact of the popularity of visited nations
  • Factors affecting the decision of British students to join international student exchange programmes
  • Factors contributing towards the success of work & study programmes in the UK
  • To analyse the satisfaction of international students enrolled in student exchange programmes in the UK
  • To investigate potential marketing and communication tools to promote “any country” as the best place to pursue higher education
  • What are the factors influencing British students’ decision to join academic year exchange porgramme in Japan?
  • To examine the popularity of student exchange programmes offered by Chinese speaking countries
  • To investigate the attitude and perception of British students toward summer camps
  • Factors affecting the decision of university students to pursue a Placement Programme in the US
  • To examine the satisfaction of university students returning from cultural exchange program in the US

Medical Tourism Dissertation Topics

Medical tourism is a new area of study in the tourism industry. The gap in clinical prices between developing and developed countries is significant, which is propelling a large number of patients to travel to far destinations to benefit from economical medical services. Although there may not be sufficient secondary data available to analyse in this area, it is likely to provide an interesting and intriguing research opportunity to students for their tourism dissertation topics.

  • To investigate the causes to increasing number of British customers travelling to avail dental tour packages
  • The efficacy of marketing and communication tools employed by Thai plastic surgery and extreme makeover service providers – An investigation into the attitude and perception of British travellers
  • To identify and discuss critical marketing strategies to promote a weight loss centre in the UK
  • Measuring customer satisfaction of British lesbians after having sex reassignment at Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok
  • To examine the factors influencing the decisions of British women to buy body contour tour packages in Easy Asia
  • To investigate the extent to which Swiss weight control tour packages have influenced women in the UK
  • How facial lifting package tours in East Asia are perceived by young British females?
  • To understand and discuss the factors affecting buying decisions to benefit from extreme makeover tour packages in Eastern Europe
  • How attractive are the plastic surgery makeover services to female British customers – A qualitative study
  • How homosexual men choose medical tour packages for sex reassignment

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Tourism Management Dissertation Topics

Tourism management is perhaps the most interesting and influential areas in the tourism industry. It mainly involves travelling for the purpose of leisure and recreation. People travelling to other countries and outside their usual environment with the intent of leisure can be classified as tourists. It should be noted that the phenomenon of tourism has grown tremendously in the recent years, thanks to the impact of globalisation. There are many countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Maldives and Fiji, whose largest source of income comes from the tourism industry. In these countries, tourism generates a large intake of money and also provides opportunities for businessmen and working class. The suggestions below can help you to narrow your research for your dissertation.

  • How British tourists perceive Chinese world heritage tour – A qualitative study
  • To determine the factors that could help to promote London as the most attractive destination for Christmas shopping
  • To identify the most popular tourist destination for British tourists during the winter
  • An analysis of factors affecting employees’ motivation in luxury hotels of Dubai
  • How the tourism industry of Thailand responded to the Tsunami
  • Factors influencing British customers’ decision of purchasing Egypt tour packages
  • Attitude and perception of British tourists toward Thailand as a winter holiday destination
  • The increasing popularity of cruise travel in South Africa among British tourists
  • To investigate the efficacy of integrated marketing communication tools to restore the image of Amsterdam as the best tourist destination in Europe
  • Factors influencing British customers’ decision to choose a particular destination during the summer/winder holiday
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Hospitality Dissertation Topics

Hospitality industry consists of casinos, resorts, restaurants, hotels, catering as well as other businesses that serve the tourists. At its core hospitality can be defined as the relationship between a guest and the hotel. Other aspects of hospitality include but are not limited to liberality, friendliness, warm welcome, entertainment, goodwill, and reception. Modern day business pride themselves on their acts of hospitality. Some topics in this area of tourism are suggested below.

  • To examine how popular travel agents such as eBrooker and Opodo are perceived by British tourists?
  • To identify the factors influencing leisure hotel buying decisions of British customers?
  • To identify and discuss the most important features of a leisure hotel which attract British honeymoon couples?
  • To investigate hospitality practices of popular leisure hotels in Dubai
  • What are the prime factors influencing restaurant selection decisions of young British couples?
  • To investigate and review strategies employed by restaurants and pubs in London to keep their employees motivated
  • The notable hospitality practices of Thai food restaurants in the UK
  • To establish relationship between culture and leisure hotel buying decisions in London
  • Creating brand sales and recognition through the use of integrated marketing communication tools
  • Perception and attitude of UK customers toward the Hilton hotel in London
  • To understand the relationship between customers’ buying decisions and leisure hotel hospitality features within the context of overseas holidays
  • The impact of brand image of tourists’ buying decisions
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Black Tourism Dissertation Topics

Black tourism, also known as dark tourism and grief tourism involves travelling to historical sites/places that are associated with the death, casualties and sufferings. Dark or black tourist sites such as battlefields, monuments, castles, Tsunami site, and Ground Zero are either man made or natural, and they are found commonly in Scotland, South Asia, China and Eastern Europe. Possible research topics under this field of tourism are listed below:

  • How local communities can benefit commercially and socially from tours to death/casualty sites – A qualitative study
  • Attitude and perception of tourists toward Taj Mahal in India
  • To investigate and identify the factors influencing tourists’ decisions to visit grief sites in the UK
  • To make Mercat Tour in Scotland a grief tourism site for potential tourists
  • To develop a highly effective marketing strategy to promote London Dungeon among the tourists
  • What are the primary factors influencing British tourists’ decision of choosing grief sites?
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote Beaumaris Prison in Wales as another black tourism site in Britain
  • How manmade grief tourism sites are perceived by the British tourists?
  • To compare manmade black tourism sites against the natural disaster grief sites from the perspective of tourists

Sustainability and Tourism Dissertation Topics

Due to the ever growing environmental concerns among general public and policy makers, this area of tourism has attracted considerable attention of researchers, academicians and scholars in the tourism industry. At its core this field of tourism primarily focuses on the way tourists can live harmoniously with the planet earth. Eco tourist sites or sustainable tourist sites are those that promote fauna and flora and cultural heritage. Another objective of eco-tourism is to provide social and economic opportunities to local communities. Some interesting topics in this area are suggested below:

  • To investigate the impact of internet on the growth of eco-tourism in the UK
  • Factors affecting British customers’ decision of choosing an eco-tourism site
  • To establish and discuss strategies to promote Swansea as the best eco-tourist spot in the UK
  • To analyse the role of price in the selection of eco-tourism destinations
  • To examine the use of integrated marketing communication tools to promote eco-tourism in Great Britain
  • To compare developing world eco-tourism sites against Western eco-tourism sites
  • To what extent does eco-tourism develops social and economic opportunities for local communities
  • To identify and discuss the factors affecting the buying decisions of customers interested in eco-tourist sites
  • To analyse the potential of Edinburg as the next eco-tourism site in the UK
  • The impact of grass root level education in promoting sustainable tourism in Europe – A review of the literature

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Tourism Dissertation Topics (2018) ~ WritePass

John | October 25, 2011

WritePass - Essay Writing - Dissertation Topics [TOC]

1. Introduction to Hospitality / Tourism Dissertations ~ WritePass

This guide gives you some ideas for dissertation titles. Hospitality and Tourism covers many areas, so there should be plenty to whet your appetite here.   Hospitality and Tourism dissertations typically take one of two forms, focusing either upon collecting and analyzing primary data or upon appraising secondary data only. Either type can be appropriate to your area of study.  You will also find an overview of how to structure your dissertation in section three below.

2. Categories and List of Dissertation Titles

2.1 Sustainability and Tourism

2.1.1    Do standards of sustainability differing from country to country impact upon global efforts to develop a more sustainable tourism? A review of recent literature.

2.1.2 Is a resource-based or a market based approach to sustainable tourism more effective? A qualitative study amongst tourism professionals in the UK.

2.1.3 What role can grass-roots education at a local level play in introducing sustainable tourism in developing countries?  A study of the literature.

2.1.4  How can potential damage to natural resources in areas attractive to tourists be minimized whilst maintaining the economic benefits of welcoming visitors to the region? A case study of China’s wild plants and habitats.

2.1.5 Lip-service to ‘green’ values or committed attempts at promoting sustainability? An analysis of recent environmental programmes from major global hotel chains.

2.1.6  What are the best ways to incorporate environmental concerns into branding of tourist destinations? A critical analysis comparing marketing material from 5 resorts in the Indian subcontinent.

2.1.7 To what extent can increased awareness of the need to conserve water resources impact upon water use in tourist destinations? A quantitative study.

2.1.8. The Green Tourist: To what extent do ‘Green’ tourists really contribute to the sustainability of the areas they visit? An action research study amongst locals and tourists in an African resort.

2.2 Tourism General, Specialist

2.2.1  Dark Tourism: a tool for social justice or unnecessary voyeurism? A case study of ‘ground zero tourism’ in New York.

2.2.2 Exploitation or Understanding: To what extent does the phenomenon of ‘Poverty Tourism’ bring benefits to areas with social and economic problems?  A critical analysis of tourist organizations taking visitors to slums in India.

2.2.3 Cosmetic surgery abroad: what are the factors which influence people to travel to overseas destinations to have plastic surgery?  A quantitative study amongst UK residents.

2.2.4 Camping in Cornwall or cheap flight to the Costas? The impact of the recession upon destination choice amongst UK holiday makers. A quantitative study.

2.2.5  The Glastonbury effect: has the increased popularity of music festivals led to a new perception of camping holidays as fashionable? A qualitative study amongst people considering a holiday within the UK.

2.2.6 Sewer tourism and psychology: towards a typology of participants in organized tours of sewers in Europe. A qualitative study amongst tourists from 5 European countries.

2.2.7 The ‘Trip Advisor Effect’: the impact of internet review sites on bed and breakfast owner behaviour. A quantitative study amongst Brighton B&B owners.

2.2.8  What lessons were learned from the most recent Foot and Mouth epidemic in the UK in terms of tourism? A review of literature.

2.3 Marketing, Management and Tourism

2.3.1  Something for nothing? Is the propensity of people to remove items from hotel rooms linked to cost of room, education level or age of guest?  A quantitative study amongst hotel visitors in London.

2.3.2   Staff satisfaction, job ‘churn’ and motivation in the hotel industry: are lower paid workers more likely to express dissatisfaction and leave their job?  A review of the literature.

2.3.3  Which visitor  monitoring techniques are most appropriate for assessing the impact of tourism?  A review of literature from the UK, Europe and UAS comparing visitor surveys with other techniques.

2.3.4 Can competency-based pay be used to improve employee motivation in the hotel industry? A case study in a large UK hotel chain.

2.3.5  Is it as important to acknowledge and managing tourist emotions to enhance their holiday as it is to address their physical and financial issues?  A review of recent literature.

2.3.6 ‘It’s not how you say, it’s how  you say it’:  the impact of service provider style of communication on guest perceptions and satisfaction. A quantitative study in a London independent hotel.

2.3.7  What influences visitors to small, independent bed and breakfasts in the UK to stay at the same venue again? A quantitative study amongst travelers around the UK.

2.3.8 To what extent do middle-managers fully embrace the concept of sustainable tourism? A qualitative review amongst staff in a large UK hotel chain.

2.4 Catering

2.4.1  Booze Britain: Who should take responsibility for the impact of alcohol-related destructive behaviours – government, retailers or individuals? An analysis of policy, popular culture and commercial interests.

2.4.2 Fast food and obesity: To what extent has the culture of eating in the UK changed over the last 20 years, what part has this played in the growing obesity epidemic, and what part has the growth of fast-food outlets in the UK high Street played?

2.4.3 The brand appeal of Iceland: fast, cheap and ready made? A qualitative study of customers  of the ‘Iceland’ food chain.

2.4.4 Which, if any, demographic variables have a positive impact upon catering staff’s awareness of health and safety in their day to day work? A quantitative study looking at age, sex, education levels and length of tenure.

2.4.5  ‘Here comes the trolley’: is there any scope for a higher-quality menu for second class rail passengers?  A quantitative study amongst passengers on a Virgin Trains London to Manchester service.

2.4.6  The demand for ethically sourced and Fairtrade products in hospitals: to what extent do patients request ‘green’ alternatives? A quantitative study in 3 UK hospitals.

2.4.7  A macho culture: to what extent do women’s perceptions of working in high-end restaurants prohibit them training as chefs? A qualitative study amongst 16-18 year old women.

2.4.8  Restaurants and colour: how does the use of colour in the interior design of independent restaurants influence customer perceptions? A phenomenological analysis.

2.5 Hospitality

2.5.1   Which theoretical model of tipping is most appropriate to explain tipping in independent (boutique) hotels? A literature review and case study of three boutique hotels in the UK.

2.5.2  Are user perceptions of a casino influenced by in-hotel posters? A quantitative study in a large, independent UK hotel.

2.5.3  To what extent do perceptions of sexual orientation influence customer satisfaction in budget hotels?  A quantitative study amongst international guests in a large hotel.

2.5.4  Fresh or frozen? To what extent can the provision of fresh food, rather than food prepared from frozen, influence perceptions of acceptable amounts to pay for a hotel room? A quantitative study amongst guests in smaller hotels.

2.5.5 Which model of restaurant selection best explains the decision making processes of visitors to small towns celebrated for  their history and heritage?  A quantitative study amongst visitors from Europe.

2.5.6  The impact of union membership upon employee job satisfaction in the UK hotel industry. A review of recent literature.

2.5.7  What factors pre-dispose hotel staff to ‘burnout’ and job stress? A quantitative  analysis of staff in Spanish budget hotels.

2.5.8  Have smoking bans across Europe had a similar impact upon use of bars and pubs?  A review of the literature from Europe.

3. How to Structure a Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation, Tips

For details on how to structure a tourism dissertation, kindly check out the following posts:


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