Africa Before European Arrival Dbq Essay Examples

DBQ #8: Africa Before European Arrival
Trade happens everywhere in the world. One of those countries was Africa. Africa excelled before European arrival for many reasons. Those reasons include their wealth, their ability to trade, and their government.
Trade is a way to exchange cultures, goods, essentials, and other needs. Trade is done all over the world and it is also done in Africa. Aksum is a city in Africa that is very good with trade. It’s located right by the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Nile River which are the more popular trade routes. Its location makes it an important international trading center (Doc 1). When you are located next to three major transportation routes, it sets you up perfectly for trade.   Another big trading thing is the gold and salt market. As we all know, they were both rare in Africa. But, in Ghana, it wasn’t very popular.   They didn’t have salt or gold so what they did all was try to maintain peace. The Arabs and Wangara both had the essentials to become trading partners. But, they had to cross through Ghana to get this goal accomplished.   Ghana had military forces to maintain peace in the area and to also ensure safe trade between Wangara and the Arabs.   Ghana has an advanced civilization compared to other civilizations. They were because they possessed food, money to provide a strong army, and also an efficient government (Doc 3).
Another thing Ghana was known for was their wealth. To show their wealth, they decorated themselves and dogs with gold dust. They also used an organization in setting up a court. They used monarchy to rule the people of Ghana (Doc 2). Although Islam spread to Ghana by trade, the people of Ghana didn’t accept the religion but they respected the Arabian’s and Persian’s who came to study their culture. The people of Ghana taxed traders. The traders paid extra goods. This helped the empire of Ghana to get wealthy and powerful. The people of Ghana used horses, camels, and donkeys for...

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...Week Number & Essay Topic: Week 12 African Society beforeEuropeanArrival Thesis Statement: Before the arrival of Europeans, African empires, kingdoms, and cities were very wealthy, well educated, and had protection. Key Evidence & Support The gold and salt trade. Kingdom of Ghana gaining power and wealth, Mansa musa and his generosity. Benin figures were considered wonders; Leo Africanus described the well educated men in Timbuktu. Ibn Battuta writes about Mali’s no mercy to unjust people and their complete security. Group 1 Arab scholar, Al-Bakri writes about the ancient Ghana kingdoms rise to power and wealth by controlling the Saharan gold and salt trade between 700 and 1067. He tells about the kings of his country and their sons all wearing gold which is a sign of wealth. Ancient Ghana Ancient Ghana made wealth off of trade, sufficient food, and income from taxes, social organization, and a strong army with advanced weapons. Mansa Musa also played a part in wealth; he was very generous and gave every Egyptian official a sum of his gold. Group 2 Benin figures were considered wonders because of how they were so magnificently made. They are made with copper, zinc, lead, fire, clay and wax. Leo Africanus described the well educated men in Timbuktu. He says “Here are many doctors, judges, priests, and other learned men that are well maintained at the king’s costs.” This tells how not...


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