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Andina Bottling Company Case Essay

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Andina Bottling Company Case

Andina is a major distributor of Coca-Cola products in Latin America. The market for soft drinks is very competitive in Latin America. The dominate brands are not necessarily Coca-Cola or Pepsi brands. For a company to succeed in the distribution and manufacturing of soft drinks in Latin America, they need to be efficient. The plants need to work at capacity or close to it. The distribution also has to be logical. It is not worth it for them to sell to less populated mountain areas. The point of the new system that Andina is introducing is going to make sales, distribution, and manufacturing easier. The three countries are going to share their information with each other. Control panel and the rest…show more content…

The point of the new system and control panel is to make these three countries processes easier. The main system was there to help simplify the financials of each of the subsidiaries. It also helped in making sure that all the information reached the headquarters and not just the positive. Also the same process would used at every subsidiary. The manager of the plant in Chile could be interchanged with the plant manager in Brazil.

Control panel is supposed to be a place where central management in the main office can see what is going on at each subsidiary. Control panel is there to find any discrepancies or issues in the operations at the subsidiaries. It assesses how each division in the subsidiary is performing. An example of what control panel can find is the 25,000 smaller clients in Argentina as one reason for high distribution costs. Control panel showed the management that distribution costs were high in Argentina. They investigated this and decided that they needed to start focusing on their larger clients.

The system and control panel will be successful if they can open all their subsidiaries to it. The case talks about how resistant Brazil is to this. They do not like the idea of someone watching what they are doing. They seem very independent and not very fond of suggestions. Argentina, on the other hand, embraced the technology. Chile is below Argentina when it comes to embracing the technology,

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RUNNING HEAD: BOTTLING COMPANY CASE ANALYSIS1Assignment 1 Bottling Company Case Study Imagine you are a manager at a major bottlingcompany. Customers have begun to complain that the bottles of the brand of sodaproduced in your company contain less than the advertised sixteen (16) ounces of product.Your boss wants to solve the problem at hand and has asked you to investigate. You haveyour employees pull thirty (30) bottles off the line at random from all the shifts at the bottlingplant. You ask your employees to measure the amount of soda there is in each bottle. Note:Use the data set provided by your instructor to complete this assignment. Write a two tothree (2-3) page report in which you: 1. Calculate the mean, median, and standarddeviation for ounces in the bottles. 2. Construct a 95% Confidence Interval for the ouncesin the bottles. 3. Conduct a hypothesis test to verify if the claim that a bottle contains lessthan sixteen (16) ounces is supported. Clearly state the logic of your test, the calculations,and the conclusion of your test. 4. Provide the following discussion based on the conclusionof your test: a. If you conclude that there are less than sixteen (16) ounces in a bottle ofsoda, speculate on three (3) possible causes. Next, suggest the strategies to avoid thedeficit in the future. Or b. If you conclude that the claim of less soda per bottle is notsupported or justified, provide a detailed explanation to your boss about the situation.


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