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Some people start an album with a title page--a special poem, favorite photo or journaling that tells what the album is about.�This file includes Portrait Albums and Signature Pages. There are also poems in the Heritage and Memories files that are good for title pages.

Title Page Toppers

Scroll Border Page Idea

Use a scroll border page as title page. Draw a circle or oval in the center with a black pen. Put ivy and flower stickers along the line. Add black dots and squiggles between the stickers. Inside the circle or oval put the title--Jane Doe's Heritage Album, or The Doe Family Album, etc. For baby albums use baby type sticker. On a black page use gold and silver pens and sticker letters.

Introduction Page Idea

To minimize journaling throughout an album or album section, make an introduction page.
Use photos of the main people and places involved in the event along with a detailed description. On the rest of the pages use a minimum of journaling. This works well for vacations, weddings, etc.

Ribbon Titles

Take a piece of printed paper and, using the wavy ruler and a pencil, mark a wavy line across the narrow width of the paper. Move your ruler down about 2" and mark another, parallel wavy line. Then cut the "ribbon" out and add a title with ABC stickers. Example: red gingham paper with "PICNIC" in red ABC stickers; green gingham and with "Joy" in evergreen ABC stickers; raspberry heart paper with "Ballet" in raspberry ABC stickers.

Gift Album

This is a special scrapbook;
We've made it just for you.
You'll notice that, as we grow,
Your scrapbook will grow, too!

We know you can't always be near,
To watch us as we change,
So instead of pictures in an envelope--
We'll send an album page.

Then place it in your special book.
Enjoy your photos and our art.
But, be sure to read our words of love,
That's the most important part!

Title Page for a Baby Book

I am so very special
I have been from the start
Before they held me in their arms
My family held me in their hearts

And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall
My life and love will ripples make
And touch the lives of all

So read this precious story
As step by step I grow
I am a special blessing and gift
As each page here will show.

Grandparents Album

(do in fancy font or calligraphy, center on the page)

Grandma and Grandpa,
this book is for you,
though it might be quite puzzling
as the pictures are few.

But every few months
if you don't make a fuss,
We'll send you more pages
with pictures of us!

Gift Album Title Page

(adapted by Denny Davis from a poem by Kimberly Rinehart)

This album I have made
is much more than a book.
It's worth even more
than the time that it took.

It's a gift holding memories
and made with great care
by hearts and hands
with love to share.

My Scrapbook Preface Page

(© 2012 Grace Mandry, used with permission)

The journaling and images
Upon these scrapbook pages
Paint a profile of my life
Through its many years and stages

The completion of this album
Seemed, at times, a daunting task
As I searched for facts and photos
From the all-too-distant
(or not-so-distant) past

Yet to serve as validation
Of the worth of this pursuit
I have gathered quotes from learned
Men and Women of repute

The vast wisdom of their words
Lends homage to each yesteryear
To preservation of the past
And every memory we hold dear

You can place quotes around the border or on the opposite page)

Grow With Me

(Alison L., title page for a child's album)

Once I was a baby boy,
A tiny thing who brought great joy.

Time, it passed as time will do.
The months flew by and now I'm two.
Still, my growing has just begun.
Blink and you could miss LOADS of fun.
You say you want to watch me grow?
Well turn this page. Come on. Let's go!

(for a girl change the first two lines to:
Once I was a baby girl,
A tiny thing, a precious pearl.)

from Tapestry

(Carole King)

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision of the everchanging view
A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold

All of This I Am

[Thomas E. Miles]

"All of this I am . . . And Part of This I Saw . . ."
Within the next few pages I hope you find the dreams, the past, the future that was and still is you! The corners have been left unturned in some books, and in others the print is barely legible for use. Whether friend or kin, they walked, they cried, they loved, they shared, they had treasure and they left it just for you. It's your heritage rich and true.

My Family is Special

My family is special
It is certainly like no other;
I have a very special Dad
And an extra special Mother.

I've uncles, aunts and grandparents
and of course my share of cousins.
So with all these special people
I've got memories by the dozens.

I want to keep these special times
Of all we've shared and done.
So here within this special book
I'll write down every one!

Here's to all the people
Who mean so much to me,
. . . A book to keep forever
. . . All about my family.

Scrapbook Welcome

(K. Vallejo)

This is our scrapbook,
and it's here we keep
our mementos and pictures
so they're not in a heap!

For us it's a walk
down memory lane,
in hopes that our visions
of good times don't wane.

For you it's a glimpse
into our lives so busy,
the days have gone by
so fast that we're dizzy!

So we've put together
this album for fun,
to capture each moment
of things that we've done!

My Family

(Joan Walsh Anglund)

A family is the place we start
It is our strength . . .
Our home--our heart.
So to my family I give praise
And keep this record of all our days.

Priceless Gift

(Kim Beckstead)

My child, your memory treasures,
Captured in this book to see,
Creating it has been my pleasure,
This priceless gift to you from me.

Title Page Poem

It's important
for you to see,
that you mean
the world to me.

I created this special book
with a warm and loving touch;
so that you will always know
I love you very much!

Patchwork Quilt

This album is a patchwork quilt,
With memories sewn throughout.
Each picture weaves a story
That tells what we're about.

Each page is pieced together
With moments from out past.
And like a quilt of fabric,
These memories will last.

To the Past, Present and Future

(Ruth Mae Fox)

To the Past, Present and the Future,
I Dedicate This Book:
To the Past, because I came out of it,
To the Present, because I live in it,
To the Future, because my children
shall inherit it.

My Quilt

(Claudia N., January 1997)

I've made a quilt of memories
To keep my family warm
Through breezy springtime afternoons
Or in a winter storm.
Memories keep us company
When friends can not be near,
So my quilt is made of photographs
Of all our loved ones dear.

Within you'll see the fabric
Of our lives from day to day
As scraps of our activities
Fill each busy day.
They're pieced together carefully
And stitched with love and care
So you'll be warmed from inside out
And feel that you were there.

Quilts and minds get worn with time,
The thoughts and colors fade.
The names and dates get lost among
The schedules that we've laid;
But you can wrap within my quilt
Whenever you are cold
And reminisce of favorite times
Among the days of old.

This Book

(Narda P.)

This book is like a comforter,
A quilt with many parts,
A keeper of our memories,
A place to warm our hearts.

The fabrics are our life's events,
Those things we want to keep,
The programs, stubs and photographs,
Placed here--not in a heap!

The scraps all stitched together,
held fast with love and care,
Create a family legacy--
a gift for all to share.

(Repeat first verse if desired)


Memories fill this book . . .
of places we have known,
moments we have cherished,
People we have loved
These are personal riches,
Treasures from our hearts.

Life is a Patchwork

Life is like a patchwork--
Make it precious day by day--
Have a pattern for your life--
Adding fun along the way!

Patchwork Quilt

Our family's like a patchwork quilt,
With kindness gently sewn;
Each piece is an original,
With beauty of its own.
With threads of warmth and happiness,
It's tightly stitched together
To last in love throughout the years,
Our family is forever.

Patchwork of Memories

(Jenifer Patrick)

When it is dark and the house is quiet,
the dishes all done, the laundry sorted,
the children tucked into bed.
I get out my album and precious photo boxes--
filled with happy memories of our days together:
birthdays, celebrations, discoveries, adventures.
Much like women of old who took this time
to stitch together quilts,
I stitch together a patchwork of memories.

Family Album

You hold in your hands the (SMITH) Family Album.
Treat it with care for it will become my legacy.
Each page is a reflection of the live we led,
the love we shared, the lessons we learned,
and the memories we cherished.
It is a story of everyday existence,
One woman's remembrance of the things that made us laugh,
and those that made us cry.
I dedicate this book to the future,
with the hope that the past will never be forgotten.

�Portrait Albums

Title Pages For Portrait Album

If the album is for one child use those little bitty size photos to spell out the child's name on the title page.
If it is more than one child do the surname instead.

If you have thrown away the little bitty pictures, cut wallet size photos into letter shapes and spell out something like "our family".
Or cut wallets size photos in squares or other quilt shapes and combine them with solid color blocks for a border and put a poem in the center.

Down the sides of the page place 1" black squares like film sprockets so the page looks like a giant film frame. Inside the frame spell out "The Smith Family: A Professional Portrait" using ABC stickers. Add camera and other appropriate stickers. (CMC Maria)

Portraits Page Toppers

  • Just Picture This
  • Me, Myself and I
  • A Not So Candid Moment
  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
  • Picture Perfect
  • Picture This
  • Pretty as a Picture
  • Portrait of a Lady
  • Sitting Pretty
  • Strike a Pose
  • You Ought to Be in Pictures!

�A Signature Page

Some people like to 'finish' their album, or a series of albums, with a dedication or signature page. This is where you can take credit for what you have created, and say a little something about yourself and why you created the album. An album is a gift of love, so use the signature page to express your thoughts and feelings.

Even if the album is not a gift, the signature page is still important.�It can be used to give closure to the story (or a segment of the story).�A signature page can tell who you are and why and when you created the album. It may indicate your feelings, but no matter how you do it; it is your final chance to finish the story.

Here are some ideas for doing a signature page:

  • Include a photo of yourself while you are working on the album. Be sure the photo shows a page from the album.
  • Include important dates. For example the date the album was started or finished, the date it was given as a gift, the date of the event--if the album was created for a certain event. Remember to sign your name.
  • If the album was created for a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding, family reunion, etc. the signature page is a place to add your best wishes.
  • Use a photo on the signature page that shows the ending of the event the albums was about. Examples: for a wedding album a photo of the bride and groom driving away from the reception; for a vacation album a photo of people getting off the plane back home.
  • Duplicate your favorite photo from the album or use one that you didn't include. Journal your thoughts and feelings about the photo or the person in the photo.
  • Write a personal message to the person who is the recipient of the album. Explain why you made the album or why the events or people are important to you.
  • Write a personal message to your children, your spouse or other important people featured in the album. Include things that make them special at that particular moment in time or be more general.
  • If this album is expected to be handed down to future generations tell something about yourself and your relationship to the people or events in the album.
  • Create a mosaic or collage with leftover or duplicate photos.
  • Make a family tree to put on the back page of each album. Use some form of tree that not only shows relationships but also tells a little about the person. If the albums are mostly about immediate family members, or you have a small extended family, just list the people and put a short summary about them or the time covered in the albums. The advantage of the list is you can include friends as well.
  • Coordinate the decorative elements or layout of the signature page with that of the title page.
  • Make a sort of "time capsule" on the last page that shows what the world is like at that time. For example, the prices of things, fads, favorites, etc. The Adult Birthday file has a list of sites for "This Date in History" type info that will help you if the album is for past years. If the album is current you could use one of those "year-end summary" articles most newspapers have in December or January.
  • Use the title "It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times" and list the best and worse things that happened during the year--both from your family and the country.
  • In a series of family albums, use the signature page as a transition from one album to another. Mention the main people in the album and their relationships to each other or recap the changes in the family due to birth, marriage and death.
  • End the album with a page of photos of everyone in the family sleeping or photos of New Year's Eve.
  • If you write a family newsletter at Christmas find this is a good way to end an album because it summarizes the things you did during the year.
  • I write a love letter to my family telling them how much fun I had working on the album and which pages were my favorite. I write the dates (even though they are in the scrapbook) of weddings, deaths, births and baptisms for easy reference. (Michelle in MI)
  • I use the last page to "clean out my purse", I dig out the grocery receipt, ticket stubs, grocery list, etc. and put them in my album. It shows how much things cost and a brief snapshot of what thing are like in my world today. (Dars)
  • I collage sample pics from the next album if it's one of a series. I wait to do it until I'm half-way through the next album and then I do a "See what's next in daughter's life" page. Once I did pics of my daughter looking at her next album and you can see some of the layouts. (txscrappinmommy)
  • For a trip album, it is a picture of a sunset I took on the trip. (Joanne)
  • I ended my cruise album with a picture of my daughter and husband asleep on the airport floor. I thought it was fitting AND it was the last picture I took on our trip. (kaesmom)
  • Our Disney album ended with a picture I took of all our souvenirs. I layed them on the couch and took a picture of everything. (kaesmom)
  • A pocket page for Xmas Cards from friends and family. (Elaine in AL)
  • For 50th Wedding Anniversary Album for my parents...The title page had the castle die-cut and ivy and flowers...It said "Once upon a time..." and had pictures of them when they met. The last page had a picture of them now with the same castle, ivy and flowers (arranged differently than the title page) with the words, "And they lived happily ever after!" (dee)
  • I put random of kids waving goodbye, one of Shamu waving his tail out of the water, one of my kids climbing a jungle gym and all you could see were their rear ends (they had clothes on!) and one on the last day of school that year, and titled it "The End". (scraphappy)
  • Depending on the type of album and how big the page is you can combine one of more of the ideas above.

Most of these ideas came from posters on Stampin' and Scrappin'.

"A" is for Autumn

"F" is for Fall Leaves

"Hay" Fever

"P" is for Pumpkin Patch

A Festival of Fall Color

A Festival of Fall Colors

A Harvest of Memories

A is for Apple

A Rainbow of Autumn Colors

All for Fall Autumn Art Projects Autumn at the (surname) House Autumn Angels/Awareness/Colors/Festival/Frost/Harvest/ Time/Leaves/Nocturne/Splendor Autumn Days are Here again!! Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down Autumn on My Mind Autumn's all Around us Autumn's in the air! Autumn's Here Autum...

And the Leaves Came Tumbling Down

And the leaves came tumbling down

And the Leaves Came Tumbling Down

As the Leaves Turn

As the Leaves Turn

Autum Days are here again

Autumn Colors

Autumn colors

Autumn Days are here again

Autumn Dayz are for Dancing with Leavez

Autumn Festival Time

Autumn Glory

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are falling

Autumn Memories

Autumn on my mind

Autumn on my Mind

Autumn Pictures

Autumn Potpourri (For an odd mix of autumn pictures)

Autumn Splendor

Autumn's in the Air

Autumn's In The Air

Autumn's Palette

Blessings in the Fall of 2008


Buried Treasure (Children under the piles of Leaves)

Buried Treasures (kids under leaves)

Bushels Of Fun

Changing Colors

Changing colors

Chilling in Autumn

Colorful Autumn

Cozy Autumn Days

Crisp Days Of Fall

Crisp Days of Fall


Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch

Dancing Leaves… Falling Down on Me

Death by Candy Corn

F-A-L-L Into Fall

Fabulous Fall!

Fall Days Are Fun Days

Fall Days...Happy Days

Fall Delight

Fall Family Fun

Fall Family Fun

Fall Flurries( Pictures with children playing in leaves)like winter flurries for snow

Fall for All

Fall Fun

fall in love!

Fall Into Autumn

Fall into Autumn Memories

Fall-ing for you

Fall...The Colors Leave You Breathless

Fallin' for Fall

Falling For You

Falling into Autumn

Falling into autumn

Falling into Fun

Falling.....for you

Festival of Colours

Flavors of Fall

Forever Fall

Free Falling

Frost on the Pumpkins

Glorious Days of Autumn

Golden Days

Hanging Around the Pumpkin Patch

Harvest Delight

Harvest Happenings

Harvest Happenings

Harvest Moon

Harvest of Memories

harvesting memories

Have a good fall, y'all

Hayrides and Pumpkin Pie

Hayrides and Pumpkin Pies

I Walked on Paths of Crisp Autumn Leaves

Indian Summer

It "leaves" you Breathless

It's Fall, You All

Jump Into Fall

Kaleidoscope of Colors

Kaleidoscope of colors

Lazy Autumn Days

Leaf it to Me

Leaf it to me

Leaf me alone!

leafin' round

Leaves Abound From All Around

Leaves Fall All Around

Leaves Fall, God Doesn't

Little Pumpkins

Lots of Leaves!

Love those Leaves

My 3 up a Tree

Nature's Palette

Never Fear...Autumn Is Here


October Fest

Pick a Peck of Pumpkins

Pieces of Autumn

Pile on the Fun

piles of smiles

Piles of smiles.

Piling up the Memories

Piling up the Memories

Pumpkin Picassos

Rake, Dump and Jump!

Rake, Pile, Jump, and Smile!

Rake, Pile, Leap!

Raking in the Fun


Season Of Change

Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn

Summer "Falls" into Autumn

The Beauty of Fall


The Color of Autumn

The colors of fall

The Fall Guy

The Golden Days of Fall

The Golden Days of Fall

The Great Pumpkin Adventure

True Colors Shining Through

Turning over a new leaf!

Two Little Pumpkins...

We Believe in the Great Pumpkin

We Rake, We Pile... WE JUMP!!!

When Autumn Leaves...

Who you Gonna Call...Leaf Busters! (A friend used this one)

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