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I could blog about coffee shops all day long here and never run out — and I don’t even drink coffee! But there’s something special about a place to sit and enjoy a warm beverage, a pastry and a moment of solitude. I love to hit a coffee shop in the morning as my day ramps up, or in the afternoon when I need a minute to sit and be quiet and be refreshed.

Case Study Coffee is located in NE Portland, in the Hollywood district (they’ve got another on SW 10th in downtown). It’s a light-filled cafe on NE Sandy Blvd. where you can find a warm cup of something — whether that’s Case Study’s own roast, or the full selection of Foxfire Teas they serve. Pair it with a pastry from local bakeries Nuvrei or gluten-free/vegan darling Petunia’s Pies and Pastries and you’ve got a real coffee shop moment.

Case Study Coffee is located at 5347 NE Sandy Blvd. Their downtown location is 802 SW 10th.


802 SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR97205
(503) 477-8221

Ok, I heard about this place as being the best coffee in town. Well, it lived up to the type. So good to visit a place that does its own roasting and has complimentary snacks to allow me to enjoy a great cup of coffee! Cool vibe and people were very friendly! I will be back here on a regular bases!

Holy cow. Masala Latte. Go chai, drop tea, use a coffee base. The best inventions make you say, "duh, why didn't someone (me!) think of that before? If someone else is doing this, I totally missed it. Chef turned coffee freak making wonderful things. They even make their own masala syrup. Explore.

I can't tell you how many people I've told about this coffee place since going there for my first time. It's a great place to get a coffee, a wonderful spot to meet people (if you can find a spot to sit), and a relaxing place to do work (again, if you're lucky to find a seat). First, the staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I walked in, never having been there before, to meet some clients, and the staff gave me some helpful suggestions. Second, the coffee is masterful. Smooth, rich, creamy... just what you're looking for in a coffee. Then you add in one of their handmade flavors, and the taste knocks you on the floor. Recently I had to cut back on coffee, but this place made me want to get up and get another cup. I tried their bourbon Carmel. Man oh man, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I can see why they are so popular. Listen, in a town where there's 3 or 4 coffee places on every corner, it can be difficult deciding on what place to go, but when I'm near, I'll be here. Just wish they were open later.

It's really hard to decide where to go when there are so many amazing coffee roasters​ in Portland. Checking on the good ones is always on my list at travel. Found this place and gave a shot. It's a trendy place and the deco was similar to​ others​ in Portland. Open floor plan and baristas were right in the middle of the cafe shop. I ordered the latte with bourbon​ and caramel flavor and mocha. My sister tried the mocha and was impressed​ how smooth was. I loved my latte too. The combination​ of sweetness and saltiness​ created the perfect balance. Glad that we found this new place and we will be back!

My boyfriend and I were looking around for a coffee shop to do work and this was one of the larger coffee shops that we found that also provided free wi-fi. The interior is very cute, plenty of tables and chairs to do work on but it does get really busy in here so it might be hard to actually find an open table. * Kouign Amann * We were pleasantly surprised by their kouign amann. Their little upside down pastry is crispy and caramelized on the outside but soft and airy like that of a croissant on the inside.

The only true coffee house in the area, and LOTS OF WINDOW LIGHT--thank you! Solid and exactly what I was looking for. Nice place to study with enough plugs for study at the bar, not much otherwise, so be charged up. Nice selection of pastries and such with service very responsive, engaged and pleasant. My taste in coffee is rather simple--add two shots to what you have and fill it to the top, so I have no expertise in judging coffee or coffee drinks. We will always come back.

A beautiful coffee house full of windows and light. Love the name and the location (across from the central library). There are many seating options and plugs available for those whom need to work. The music is nice but not distracting. I order a latte which had a mellow flavor and appropriate milk froth. I've had better but I have also had much worse. Overall I found the latte good for the amount of folks in line and the single Barista pulling shots. My friend had a chai tea which she loved. The counter service was excellent and efficient. I would definitely return for a shot of espresso to really get a sense of their coffee.

Portland can be overwhelming with all its coffee choices. I met up with a friend for a quick coffee and bagel. Dirty Chai Tea Latte was tasty- very heavy but yummy. We were also given a free bagel which was exciting! Apparently they had accidently made up a toasted one with a side of cream cheese. Juxtaposed with all the fabulous eats in Portland this bagel tasted sad. Plain, unexciting and mundane. Enjoyed my Latte though. Would come back for coffee/the environment but not the food.

This is my favorite cafe in downtown Portland! They make an amazing roasted hazelnut latte, which I highly recommend. They don't have a ton of pastry options but the bagels are good. There are tons of seats here as well as free WiFi, so it's the perfect place to get some work done or chat with a friend over coffee.

What a treat! I love coffee and I love kombucha. Their seasonal menu is everything! During the summer I got this delicious ice coffee and vinegar tonic drink. Whenever I feel parched I reminisce about this refreshing drink. Their artwork for their menus is also beautifully done and the ambiance is just right. This area of OR has great shops including a comic shop right next door and a minerals shop down the street. Will be back.

Pretty good coffee shop with pretty good coffee. They sell Bakeshop pastries which is nice. Cool atmosphere. Always full of customers. Service is friendly. Plenty of people working on their laptops or reading. What else is there to say? Yeah, it's a good shop, but it's one of many the city has to offer. If you're nearby and want coffee or a place to work/read, come here, don't make any special trips.

Ahhh, those rainy reads in cafes, memories that have filled me up with so much pure pleasure, my limbic storeroom of an amygdala is so full, I still draw from them when need be, and even created a new one yesterday morning. Rain...drizzle...only 42 inches or so per year ( discounting winter, the worst in Rip City in 50 years)... hit coffee, old wood, creaky chairs when shifting weight, loud banter, books and tablets and laptops...happiness of yore for me. Crazy good homemade hot chocolate, and a bag of Guatemalan finca ( farm) to go. I love Portland cafes!

Probably the best cup of coffee my entire trip to Portland. My only regret is not coming the first day so I could have this coffee everyday. The service was pretty great too. Very friendly with a great vibe. This is a nice place to hang out while having a cup. Absolutely come here for a great coffee!

This place has been on my list since I arrived in Portland and I had the luxury of some buffer time between running errands and a movie. I was on a mission for a hazelnut latte when I arrived, but had to go with the special peppermint puerh tea latte. The ambiance in here is great - very buzzy and lots of people watching. They also had Otis Redding and Sam Cooke playing while I was in, which is always a good sign! The latte took about 5 minutes and came out perfectly hot and foamy in a big mug. I have been attempting my own lattes at home and they simply do not compare! I will return for that hazelnut latte someday. :)

We love this place. We visit every time we make it Portland. Delicious Jalapeño Salt Bagles.

Case Study could not have had more friendly service. I wasn't scanning the coffee roasts for more than 15 seconds when someone appeared at my side to ask if I needed help. I explained that I was picking out a roast for myself and a one for a friend and looking for recommendations, and she absolutely lit up. After giving me a couple of suggestions, she and the cashier (who mentioned she loved the light roast we'd selected) helped me figure out how coarse to grind the coffee I'd be sending my friend, who is*staying* with her Folger's drinking relatives all summer. I had no idea what kind of maker they use, let alone if they even owned a grinder (doubtful), so I really appreciated this bit of extra effort to make sure my friend can properly enjoy her birthday gift. Before leaving another customer spotted the dark roast I'd picked out for myself and assured me I would love it. Best coffee-buying experience I could ask for. I look forward to my next work trip to Portland when I fully intend to hole up in this place (great open setup with beautiful sunny windows) for several hours.

Nice coffee shop in one of my favorite areas of Portland. While the cold brew on tap was enticing, the New Yorker in me went for a small black coffee. Nice robust brew! This place is attached to a hotel lobby that has a nice sofa-oriented seating area. Great for people watching.

I had a chance to visit Portland with my family so we decided to drink coffee at Case Study. I was actually a little bit worried though because I had never heard about this cafe. I know there are many great cafes all around Portland but Case Study was close to our hotel. I was totally wrong. This coffee was really awesome. Seriously, the coffee here was very, very good. This place must be more famous!

Good coffee with fast service. If you're looking for a quiet place to study this place is not for you. If you want a bustling place to people watch both inside and out, you'll be entertained. Definitely a better and more satisfying choice than the Starbucks across the street!

I love my coffee. And I'm pretty simple when it comes to how I like my coffee. I'm happy with my usual iced vanilla latte. But why did I ever have to come to Portland and discover what I had been missing in my life?! The bourbon caramel latte. I wish I would've known sooner during my trip about this amazingness in a cup...then I would've gotten my caffeine fix every day until I couldn't. This coffee shop is great too. Great atmosphere, open space. Staff is very friendly. We need more places like this in California. If you ever find yourself in Portland, do me a favor and have a cup for me!


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