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As a Reading Specialist and Technology Integration Facilitator for my building, my colleagues are always asking me for suggestions of tools to use for various research projects or reading/writing projects. One 5th grade teacher is currently looking to do a project on heroes of the Women’s Rights Movement. She is looking into Glogster or having the students create a fake Facebook wall (somehow, and with some tool!) and approached me for advice and help!


Although I’ve dabbled with Glogster, I had to play with it more to give her my true opinion (I love it!). I definitely recommend it as an option (see samples below!), since there are some great features for embedding photos and video. Check out these sample historical biography Glogs by Indian Pines Elementary.


As for the “fake” Facebook profile, there are many tools and templates to choose from. I came across this list of templates that could be used for students to create a fake profile. Additional templates can also be found here! In addition, here’s a great post from iLearn Technology about creating “‘Facebook’ Profile Pages for Literary Characters.” She uploaded a template on Crocodoc and had students create their “Facebook” pages from the different URLs she created! She even included a sample template that you can download from this blog post!

Additional Tech Tools:

  • Magnoto – A “magnetic” display where you can post and share text, audio, video, and pictures. (Great post on iLearn Technology on how to do this!)
  • Museum Box – Great tool for students to showcase an event or historical person! (Read a post on Kleinspiration for a great post about using this tool!)
  • Simple Booklet — Create simple digital documents (e.g., booklets, brochures, flyers, postcards, etc.) using photos, video, and audio… or even a digital story!

There are so many options, and these were just a few! What technology tools do YOU use for biography projects?

Happy Teaching!

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AP US HISTORY - Biography Assignment Format

1 - Each Biography must be completed on a word processor; (size 12 font); double-spaced; one (1) inch margins (top, botton, left, right); consist of a minimum of 700 words.  Students are to display a "word count" on the bibliography page.


2 - Each Biography must include the following subtopics - clearly labeled, centered, underlined (size 20 font), and each on a separate page - in this specific order:

Early Life, Childhood - there may be more or less in this area depending on topic.

Education/Family Life

Career Accomplishments - notable accomplishments, including military service, political career, etc.

Later Life and/or Death

Personal Narrative - a detailed summary of what you learned about the person; not more facts, but the impact that writing on the person had on you personally.  Must be a minimum of 100 words.


3 - Each Biography must include a title page in this specific order, centered - as follows:


                                                                    Subject's name - (size 40 font)


                                                                                (Photo of Subject)


                                                                                 Student's name - (size 14 font)


4 - Each Biography must include a simple bibliography (size 14 font) with a minimum of three (3) sources.



5 - Each Biography assignment must be in written form with complete sentences.  (no 'bullet points'. etc.)


6 - Each Biography assignment must be three-hole punched before submitted - a three-hole punch is available in the classroom.


7 - Biography assignments are due on the date specified and will not be accepted late for full credit.  Biography assignments will be accepted within one (1) school day and will be graded at 50%.   Failure to turn in a Biography assignment by the late deadline will result in a grade of "0."

If a student is absent the day the Biography assignment is due, it is expected that the student will have a friend or parent turn in his/her paper by 4:00 pm on the date dur for full credit.

If a student knows in advance they will be absent on the due date, including extra-curricular activities, it is required the assignment be turned in prior to the student's departure.

Biography assignments are worth 50 points.







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